First test

By the end of 2016 I was in my worst shape since many years. Even though I skipped training completely for quite a while and enjoyed the free time with travelling a lot I had still pain in my back and hip and in addition felt very unfit. Therefore I decided to try a lot of alternative trainings and treatments and slowly increased the amount of training hours and intensity. That worked well and by the end of January I was much happier with my body already. In February the progress stopped and I started to struggle again, but stick to my plan. In March it was again getting better and at the same time I could increase the training amount again until in the end of March I had one week, where I could train the way I am actually used to (when my body is healthy).

I did almost no orienteering races and my technical skills are still not working super smooth. But the feeling in my body is better and I enjoy running through the forests so I am already close to my main goal of this season - be completely healthy, fit and have fun while competing. Therefore I also decided to participate at the first test races of Swiss Orienteering to see where I am. But again - if I can run without pain and have fun during my races, I am more then happy!

from black......to white

Beside the training progress also quite much changed in my daily routines. I started to work 25% as an Elite coach for IFK Mora OK and therefore joined them during two training camps. I also signed a contract with Swiss Orienteering in the name of Livemotion, the production company my friend Sven and I started last summer. Livemotion will therefore produce all the pictures from the Swiss Orienteering and I will cover the whole communication for the Elite team. Beside that Livemotion gets more and more projects, like for example the new race series for orienteering Juniors and Elite runners in Switzerland, the Swiss Orienteering Grand Slam. All this work influences my program but at the same time I can plan my work quite independent. At the moment I am trying to find the right balance between working hours, training hours and other things - like planning our wedding this summer.

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