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When I was 14 years old I got my first experience of running orienteering in Scandinavian terrain. It was with the Youth Regional Team of Zürich and my teammates created my nickname ”pudu” during this camp. We stayed for one week in Halden, Norway. The beauty of the terrain, the pure nature, the ability to run endless hours and find controls in the smallest depression in the forest fascinated me. I found my passion.


  • 13.11.2022
    Das Leben danach – last post

    Vor gut einem Jahr habe ich aufgehört, professionell zu trainieren. Auch wenn der Rücktritt vom Spitzensport weit im Voraus geplant war, bekundete ich lange Mühe mit der Umstellung der Prioritäten im Alltag.

  • 01.04.2018
    One big question

    Lately quite many people asked me: How big is your chance to go to European Champs this year? Well…

  • 31.08.2017

    My goal this year was to heal my body, get pain free and fit again and have fun when running in the woods. This goal I have reached, now it is time for the next step.

  • 11.06.2017
    Sweden or Switzerland?

    The last months were dominated by this question. It’s a tricky one.

About Me

Raffael Huber

Date of birth: 18.12.1988

Apprenticeship at the public administration with professional baccalaureate exam

BA in Communication Studies

Living in Trondheim/Hedingen (NOR/CH)


Elite B Nationalteam (2008 - 2016)

OLG Säuliamt

Göteborg-Majorna OK / IFK Mora (SWE)

LC Regensdorf

International Results

Top25 European Champs Czech Republic
• 25 long

Top20 in World Cup
• 16 long Switzerland

Medal Military-World-Champs South Korea
• 2 team

Diploma Student-World-Champs Czech Republic
• 6 middle, 7 long, 11 relay

Two top10 in World Cup
• 6 sprint Switzerland, 7 sprint New Zeeland

Juli 2012
Student-World-Champion Spain
• 1 long, 2 sprint, 4 relay

Juli 2011
Military-World-Champion Brazil
• 1 team, 2 relay, 3 long


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