Sweden or Switzerland?

The last months were dominated by this question. It’s a tricky one.

During the last four months Eva and I introduced each other the area we grow up. While in the beginning of the year I wanted to stay and train in the surrounding of Zürich, the last month I explored the forest, lakes and nice houses around Mora. Beside showing Eva’s parents every peak I could find in Switzerland and fishing with 9 rods at once on lake Siljan, I was also occupied with new projects - or work.

Sola 2017Fishing on Siljan

For example during the first World Cup round in Finland, where I delivered the Swiss media and the channels from Swiss Orienteering with text and pictures. Or when filming and editing a clip for Mora trail. Very often I was out in the nature in Sweden, both for running competitions or putting out controls for trainings. All these jobs, working for Swiss Orienteering, pushing Livemotion and coaching in Mora are very interesting and I am happy to be able to work in such different areas. But when it comes to the main competition like World Cup, I anyway have this wish in me to not again take the role of the substitute and I would like it very much more to answer interview questions then to ask them.

The good thing with the jobs including being a professional orienteer is, that I can chose the time I do the work almost always on my own. That allows me to continuously train on the highest level, take care of recovery and also go fishing if I like. And since I have my hip/back problems under control since quite a while, running orienteering is very much fun at the moment.

Military champs next

During the last two weekends, I was competing in the area of Söderhamn and at Ösa träffen. The very nice races in amazing terrains were a good preparation for the Military Champs in Finland (11.-15. July), where I will compete on international level for the first time since the World Cup final last fall. Therefore, I am quite curious and highly motivated for the races in Hamina. Just after the Military Champs the biggest orienteering relay Jukola will take place some hours north west of Hamina, close to the Russian border. After the great success for our male team at Tiomila in Göteborg, IFK Mora OK (both the runners and the coach;) is very much looking forward to the next big challenge.

Ösaträffen 2017Faxeträffen 2017

After the four races in one week I will go back to the role of both running and promoting our nice sport. During the next Swiss Orienteering Grand Slam weekend, Livemotion will produce magazines from both the sprint and long champs - at the same time I will also run the long distance. And then it is soon time for the World Champs WOC, where I will do production work for both Swiss Orienteering and Swiss TV. Again, I am on the “wrong” side of the show but I am very much looking forward to that challenge.

And then - well then I will fly back to Sweden again. And for me this feels like going home as much as if I take a flight to Zürich.

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