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Since February 2016 I have had serious problems with my hamstring. Actually this is only where I feel the pain, the actual reason for the problem is probably somewhere in my back or pelvis. After the WOC test races I had a three weeks break with almost no running at all but that didn’t help, so I tried to start training at a low level again and do regular treatment sessions with a physiotherapist. For the last two months this meant around eight hours of training in average, comprising about four running, one and a half strength and the rest alternative training such as swimming, inline skating, cycling. With this reduced training and many hours of treatment I was able to compete, sometimes without painkillers, sometimes with.

Missing results

My low training hours, combined with a lack of tough workouts in the gym, very fast running or running exercises such as jumps meant that I would go into the important autumn races not in the best shape possible. However, I accepted that physically I would lose time to the fastest guys but I knew I could still focus on my technique and try to give my best. With this strategy I succeeded and achieved a fifth place at the Swiss Champs in long distance and at the same time qualified for the long distance at the World Cup Final last weekend. I again tried to do my best but the missing hours of training stuck back and I lost a lot of time during the last half hour of that race. My time on Sundays B-Final sprint (same course as A-Final) would have been enough for a 25th place, the same result as I achieved at the European Champs long distance earlier this year. These were about all the results I can be proud of this year, unfortunately I didn’t succeed to bring together everything needed again to fight for some flowers this weekend, in my lovely Jura.

World Cup Final sprint (picture: Renate Lienhart)World Cup Final long

And now?

Now it is time to analyze the season. I didn’t properly do that yet but I already know that I want to do certain things different for next season. I will not run and train while being injured again. I would take a complete break, find the cause of the problem, treat it and do the exercises needed and then get strong again - rather than compete on 80% or less during the whole year. This year I had the big goal to run at WOC in Strömstad. That influenced my decisions and I was uncompromising in my fight for that goal, sometimes without having fun with what I was doing. The first conclusion for next year is therefore: Make sure my body is healthy again, get strong and fresh, gain back the joy while running after the controls. If I succeed doing that maybe the results will come back as well.

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