News in 2016

02.04.2016 // Project woc16

In 2016 I have one big goal. It is to qualify for the World Orienteering Champs (WOC) in Strömstad and fight for top places there.
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21.04.2016 // First test races 2016

Four races, each with a different character, are over. My performance was disappointing in many ways. What does that mean?
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20.05.2016 // Believe in me

It’s less than three months left until the World Champs in Strömstad. The last part of the project is the most important one and therefore I need your support to make it a success.
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01.06.2016 // European Champs

The 25th place at the long distance final makes me happy. My performance was close to the optimum considering my current shape. Even though I was not racing anymore, the second part of the champs turned out to be very stressful.
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05.08.2016 // After the storm

It is a bit more than a month since the swiss orienteering WOC test races took place. I didn’t qualify for the world champs and I am disappointed and sad. Both with my performance and for my supporters.
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25.10.2016 // 2017 starts now

During the last two months I could race more than I thought and train less then I hoped. Now it is time to sort things out and prepare for 2017.
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